Design and visual communication has fascinated me for as long as I can remember.

In my work I believe in longevity and in creating something that is timeless. I want to leave a mark over time. I strive for a holistic approach, transparent process, loyal and honest work, and my favourite parameter of success is when a customer relationship is career-long.

My first “design memory” is the artwork on one of the covers in my fathers vinyl collection - Confrontation by Bob Marley & The Wailers. Throughout my youth I was inspired by music (it’s album covers) and graffiti art.

Daim, piece by one of my favourite artists from 1994

What I brought with me from music and graffiti, besides drawing letters day and night in my youth, was the notion of balance, flow and rythm.

My first client back in the day, told me to watch the documentary Dogtown and the Z-boys to understand his vision for the bike and board shop he ran. In this iconic skateboard documentary these notions came from a different perspective: “…you can get all the manoeuvres, but having great style was what you were shooting for…”.

Although I wasn’t into skateboarding, I could instantly connect with that idea. In order to create something with style, you need to master balance, flow and rythm. And that is what I have been working at since long before I became aware (my mother nudging me) that graphic design was something I could study, get a degree, and later have a career in.